SBC Matching for VoIP Networks

VeraSMART Compares SBC CDRs with Outgoing PBX or Tandem CDRs

Monitoring and Controlling VoIP Network Traffic

VoIP Networks utilize Session Border Controllers (SBCs) to help monitor and control call traffic. SBCs provide a wide range of functions including security, connectivity, and quality of service. Since they are the interface between the network and the PSTN, SBC call detail records (CDRs) provide valuable information about when, where, and how calls exit the network.

Although they provide valuable information, SBCs pose significant reporting challenges for VoIP networks:

  • Network PBX and SBCs create duplicate, unconnected CDRs
  • PBX CDRs are rated without knowledge of the hop-off point to the PSTN
  • CDR reports don’t distinguish on-net from off-net calls

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VeraSMART SBC Matching

  • VeraSMART compares SBC CDRs with outgoing PBX or tandem CDRs
    • Converts start time range to UTC
    • Compares duration ranges and normalized dialed numbers
  • Runs automatically once a day or on-demand

When VeraSMART Finds a Match:

  • All cost info on the SBC CDRs is converted to the currency on the PBX CDR
  • All costs from SBC CDRs are transferred to PBX CDRs
  • Transfers call type from SBC CDR to PBX CDR
  • SBC CDR cost is set to $0 to avoid double-counting costs
comparison of traditional reporting with call analytics
SBC matching

Results: Improved CDR Reporting

  • More accurate financial reports - PBX CDRs will provide accurate call costing for all calls
  • More accurate trunk-based reports - SBC CDRs will provide extensive information on network capacity, traffic, and call hop-off points

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©2019 Calero Software. All Rights Reserved.
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