Call Analytics Like You’ve Never Seen Before


Explore your call data in ways never before possible, get actionable insights and answers to “what if” scenarios

Go Beyond Basic Reporting

Call Analytics enable Telecom/UC Managers use their call accounting software to explore data deeply, reveal connections instantly, and see communications opportunities from every angle through a mixture of charts, tables, pivots, summaries, and other visualizations.

Calero VeraSMART provides call analytics through the optional InSight Analytics accessory module.

  • Colors & numerical values emphasize visual cues
  • Click anywhere to change data in all areas
  • Click multiple filters for easy “what if” scenarios
  • Lasso tool to select multiple items at once

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Call Analytics usage summary

Call Analytics Features

  • Interactive Data Discovery & Visualization helps you quickly understand “what’s happening” and “why”
  • As Easy as Searching the Web - Simply type in search strings, just as you would in a web browser
  • Cumulative Filtering - Each filter you select changes all the visuals on your dashboard simultaneously
  • Fresh Perspective - Find answers to questions you would never have thought to ask

If the explosion of Big Data has taught us anything, it’s that data alone is meaningless without solutions designed to explore, analyze, and interpret. That’s where data discovery and data visualization tools come into play.

Conventional reporting mines your telecom management database for specific information, but it can’t give you the kind of insight you’ll gain from free-form exploration of your call accounting data. Reporting tells you what happened; call analytics tell you why it happened and what to expect in the future.

comparison of traditional reporting with call analytics
Call analytic for geographic location

Benefits of Call Analytics

  • Gain actionable insights in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Visualizations make it easy to discover cost saving opportunities, potential risks, and additional insights
  • Compare metrics and key performance indicators to spot subtle trends, geographic patterns, unusual activity and cost spikes, compliance risks, and excessive usage
  • Drill deeper into your data, leveraging free-form exploration to identify problem causes and correlations that warrant further scrutiny

Part of a complete call accounting solution

InSight Analytics can be purchased as an add-on module to premise and SaaS configurations of VeraSMART Wireline Call Accounting.

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©2019 Calero Software. All Rights Reserved.
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