Call Reporting with VeraSMART

Calero VeraSMART’s robust call reporting engine provides you with critical information to manage your telecommunications network.

Calero VeraSMART Call Accounting software includes a wide range of analysis and reporting features, including on-screen dashboards to monitor key data trends, list views, the new InSight Analytics data discovery module, and a rich library of standard reports.

VeraSMART reports allow you to:

  • Assign costs, resell services, or bill-back clients
  • Follow trends
  • Spot abuse/misuse or pinpoint special conditions
  • Optimize or manage services
  • Create presentations
  • Convert to spreadsheets

Calero software users appreciate how the standard report engine can sift through thousands, even millions, of call records with remarkable speed. But not everyone utilizes the full depth and versatility of the standard reports library, which includes over 30 templates designed to answer virtually any question about telecom network usage.

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list of VeraSMART report templates

Call Reporting Capabilities

  • A system administrator can prepare EZ-Burst distribution lists and make archived databases accessible for reports.
  • A report designer can modify or add reports to the System Reports set. This involves starting from a Report Template and then selecting the filters and layout to present to users at run-time.
  • A report user can then run any one of the prepared reports – either right away to his/her browser or 'Report Inbox' or to a distribution list. The user may also re-configure or schedule any one of these reports.

Popular VeraSMART Reports

Telecom Manager's Report

The Telecom Manager’s Report, a multi-faceted exception report, provides summary information on system status, exceptional calls and other conditions that may require a telecom manager’s attention. The main HTML page provides a list of call detail record (CDR) sources requested, with links to detailed pages.

Assigned Charges by Organization

The Assigned Charges by Organization Report provides an internal bill at the Cost Center (or higher) level for calls and other charges incurred on any open, closed, or pending periods. The report is highly configurable for its contents and level of detail. Its output is also available for EZ Burst and Personnel EZ Burst distribution.

excerpt of telecom manager report
call search report

Call Search Report

The Call Search Report helps you find “the needle in the call haystack.” It provides detailed information on call activity conforming to a wide range of selection criteria: time frame, assignment (of extension used), call type, cost, duration, dialed / CLI numbers, call destination city, extension used, CDR source, personnel, and more.

Calero VeraSMART, the complete call accounting solution

VeraSMART Wireline and Wireless Call Accounting software, available as a premise installation or a cloud subscription, helps you combine, simplify and share landline, cellular, and other business data so that you can quickly deal with reporting inquiries, and stay focused on your business priorities.

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©2019 Calero Software. All Rights Reserved.
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